Information about Hrísey

The island is surrounded by the mountains of Eyjafjörður. In the summertime you

have a clear view of the midnight sun which never rests. In the wintertime you

have the most spectacular northern lights.


How to get there

From the airport

There is a bus from the airport but please get information about the schedule

because it can vary between seasons. About 5 mínutes drive from the airport

to Akureyri.



From Akureyri to the ferry

There are buses and taxes but it takes about 20-30 minutes to drive from Akureyri

 to the harbour of Árskógssandur, where the ferry is.


Sterna bus schedule

Nat bus schedule


To Hrísey

After 20-30 minutes drive from Akureyri, you have take the ferry to Hrísey.

The ferry goes several times every day, all year round. Ferry schedule


Akureyri info


Pictures from Eyjafjörður


Hrísey info



Swimming pool - Tel.: 00354 - 4612255

Shop - There is one shop in the middle of the village

Restaurant/café - Brekka (restaurant Cafés), Tel.: 00354 - 4661751/6953737

Post office - Tel.: 00354 - 4601800 ATM available

Savings bank - Tel.: 00354 - 4601800

Museums - The House of Shark Jörundur - Holt / Memorial Museum of

Alda Halldórsdóttir

Marked walking paths lead directly by the football field, at the northern side of

the village, which is free to use for everyone.


Walking around in Hrísey

Around the island are some natural energy spots, sources where you can

recharge yourself. Big part of the island is private property but walking paths

are located where you can walk. There is a good variety of birds that nest on

the island so you have to stay on the marked walking trails. For bird-watchers

there is a special hut a little bit north of the village. There are three marked

walking paths on the southern half of the island: 2.3, 4.5 and 5 km.